What to Expect When Hiring a Local Moving Service

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When you hire a local moving company to assist you, you are setting yourself up for a better relocating experience. You’ll feel less stressed with a team of professionals by your side.  While an interstate move may require more traveling, a local move requires just as…

While an interstate move may necessitate more travel, a local move necessitates the same amount of planning.

You’ll have to pick a moving date, hire a moving company, buy moving goods, transfer utilities, change your address, and pack and unpack. You could even need to look for child and pet care.

Your to-do list may feel endless, which is why hiring pros is important. They can assist you physically and mentally every step of the process.

When you have assistance, moving doesn’t have to be a difficult undertaking.

What is a local move?

The most typical form of move is a local one.

A local move is one where your new house is within 50 miles of your old one and does not cross state lines.

Double-check with your moving company to be sure your move is local and not long-distance. While most companies use the same terminology, one company’s definition of long-distance may be different than another’s.

Moving within the same county is usually less difficult than moving to a different state. Because there is less distance to go, a team of movers should be able to complete your relocation in one day.

Checking if a moving business is licensed and insured is critical for protecting you and your family from moving frauds. Reading reviews and asking friends about their moving experiences are also good ways to learn about a local moving company.

Locating local moving companies
You’re all set to go.

You’ve chosen a new home, know when you’ll be able to move in, and now all you have to do is hire movers.

While finding the perfect firm can be difficult, here are some helpful hints!

Do your homework.

Start by asking friends and family members who they have utilized in the past and who they are familiar with.

You may also get reviews and ratings by doing a fast web search. Customers who are pleased with a company’s performance are likely to leave favorable evaluations and high star ratings.

Make sure to read the bad evaluations as well, especially if there are recurring problems. Customers will give organizations who did not meet their moving demands lower ratings.

Watch out for fraud

While scammers can scam those in need of an interstate move too, illegitimate companies tend to prey on local moves.

Red flags may include:

  • An estimate that seems too good to be true
  • A large down payment is required
  • The companies contract is blank
  • They don’t state their companies name when answering the phone
  • Unusual requests and fees

Comparing companies

Before signing any documents, you may want to compare several moving companies first. This ensures you get the type of service you want and need for your specific move.

Different companies could offer you better rates and types of service to make your decision easier.

Perhaps you need a company familiar with senior living and senior moves. If one of the companies on your list does not have this type of experience, you’ll know it is the wrong fit.

With a team ready to do your heavy lifting and knowledge of packing and moving large or specialty items, you can relax and ease your mind.

Planning your local move

Once you choose a moving company, you can prepare for your move. This may include donating or selling items, purchasing moving supplies, and packing ahead of time.

Either way, your moving team should know if you intend to use them for their partial packing services or their full services. When everyone is on the same page and knows which tasks are theirs, the move will go smoothly.

When your belongings are packed and ready to go, your team of movers can use their equipment to load the truck and deliver your items for you. While some customers choose to load and drive themselves, it is less work and strain on your body if you accept help.

To reap all of the benefits a moving company offers, you may want your team of professionals to deliver your items, unpack your belongings, connect your electronics, and put together your furniture. These services will cost extra but can be worth it.

A completely satisfied move

Road Scholars Moving company aims to satisfy all of our customer’s moving needs.

We can keep your move exciting and memorable by taking a load off your shoulders.

With less stress and more organization, you can focus on the more appealing parts of your move, such as how you will decorate your new home and what your future there will look like.

Our reputable and experienced moving team offers residential and long-distance moving services, professional packing services, storage units, and high-quality moving supplies.



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