Piano Movers Nairobi Kenya

by Bench Freight Movers Kenya

The evacuation of a piano necessitates caution, considerable lifting, and specialized equipment. Don’t put yourself at danger of ruining your piano or injuring yourself. Today is the day to call in the professionals. In Nairobi, Bench Freight Movers Kenya provides a full piano moving service. Our fully trained personnel has all of the necessary skills and specialized equipment to securely relocate a piano. We can transfer any size piano, whether it’s an upright, grand, or baby piano. You can count on us to deliver your piano to any location in Kenya. In addition, we provide a safe containerized storage facility.

How to move a piano

Pianos are large, heavy, and delicate musical instruments. As a result, when moving a piano, preparing ahead is critical. Obstacles such as stairs, doorways, and tight corners might cause problems, so it’s better to create a route that gets your piano from where it is now to where it needs to go.

When relocating a piano, we use a four-person crew. All of our employees have undergone extensive training, and your transfer will be overseen by our piano specialist, who has many years of experience in this field. Furthermore, we always use specialized piano moving equipment such as a piano shoe and a piano barrow.

A piano shoe is a protective platform that goes below the piano. This helps to support the instrument as we move it around on the barrow. If you have wooden floors that could be scratched, we will take extra precautions. Our removal team always comes prepared with a variety of professional protective items to utilize. Carpet and door guards, as well as removal blankets, are necessary for avoiding dents, dings, and scratches around your home.

We can arrange for glaziers to remove windows and a specialised crane business to hoist your piano from upper stories in the most extreme circumstances. We frequently work with joiners and other professionals who can disassemble and reassemble furniture and fixtures. Trust us when we say that if your piano gets ‘in,’ we’ll get it ‘out’!

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